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Tips for Scheduling/How the program works.

Hoop’n with Hooper provides up to 60 demo hoops for demonstration only, and will arrive at your location 45 minutes early to get set up.  I will bring all necessary equipment for my program including my sound system, microphone, extension cords, music and hoops. (All I need from you is to know where to set up, and to make sure that I am close to an electrical outlet to be able to plug into.  I will be ready to start with enough hoops set out for each student for each 15 or 20 minute session which can include up to 60 students, approximately give or take.  At the end of their 15 or 20 minute session, teachers and students will put down their hoops, exit the hooping area, and allow the next group to start.


For Each two hour program we can accommodate up to 400 students or 480 MAXIMUM. That means you can schedule two or three classes at a time, of up to 60 kids, for each 15 or 20 minute session.  For example:
• 15 minute sessions = eight groups of up to 60 students every 15 minutes.
• 20 minute sessions = six groups of up to 60 students every 20 minutes.
Please note that each teacher should arrive at the hooping area, with their students, 5 MINUTES prior to their scheduled session in order to keep the program flowing on time as these are scheduled back to back.) 

For Middle School and High Schools, we can accommodate up to 75 students per 15 or 20 minute session.)  This works best to schedule as part of, or during your PE Classes.  We can usually fit THREE 15 min sessions or TWO 20 min sessions per period.  We recommend your PE Teachers bring their class in one or two at a time depending on the number of students and space available.

Location and Ideas for Scheduling:
For Elementary Schools: please know that most auditoriums are not large enough to accommodate 40 to 60 students in hula hoops, especially if the chairs are not moveable. The best place for your student’s demonstration would be outside on the playground in a designated spot. The area should be at least the size of two kickball diamonds or a volley ball court, plus a few extra feet.  Note: Please know that I only need up to 60 students at one time.  It seems to work best if you schedule each of their sessions at a time that does not conflict with their lunch or recess.)

For Middle School and High School, the Gym is the best location or Outdoors, however, if you have a large enough auditorium without chairs that will work as well. 

Actual Schedule for Each Hoop’n with Hooper Demonstration:
You will need to email a completed schedule 2 WEEKS prior to your scheduled demonstration date. The schedule should include the Number of Students, Grade Level, Teachers Name for each session, and Time for each 15 or 20minute session. (Please see attached sample of a class schedule.)

If you have a nutrition fair or special event, we will make sure to accommodate your needs with enough hoops to accommodate all age groups at your event and will allow for several repeated sessions. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, I am more than happy to help! 

Contact Information: Ph. 310-313-3312 or Email:

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