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We can do Special Events, Nutrition Fairs, Hoop with Me at Your SCHOOL, CHURCH, OR Even at the Park !

Hoop With Me is a nutrition friendly program that promotes a healthy and unique physical activity experience for kids of all ages. We teach students the importance of eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and getting plenty of physical activity everyday with this unique and incredibly exciting program.

Hoop'n with Hooper custom designs this program to be appropriate for all grade levels. In each 15 or 20 minute session, we teach students from K-12 the importance of healthy eating habits by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and introduce them to a unique and fun language movement experience with fun (age appropriate music) and a hula hoop. This program teaches students coordination, rhythm and the ability to express themselves using our basic moves and “easy to learn” dance routines, while listening to great music that gets them excited and energized about exercise. We can reach up to 400 students in a two hour program with groups of approximately 60 kids, give or take, for 15 min or 20 min sessions. It’s the best physical activity to date! Let your kids come join the fun with Hoop’n with Hooper’s “Hoop With Me”, fitness made fun program!

To see how our program works, visit or click on our (“How To Schedule” page). We can customize our program to best fit your needs so that we can accommodate as many students as possible.

If you would like to HOOP WITH ME, Call Jean Hooper at 310-313-3312 or Email for our pricing information and rates, and to set up a date to hoop at your school, parks & Rec., summer/sporting camp, church or any type of event. Give us a call now and we’ll Hoop it out Together!