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Jean Hooper, better known as Hoop’n with Hooper teaches kids all over Los Angeles, California.  Hoop’n with Hooper’s program is an incredibly unique and fun physical activity using a toy hoop.  Jean offers a “Fitness made Fun” program that encourages kids and adults to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and to be physically active every day.  The “Fitness made Fun” program gives kids and adults an alternative way to exercise without even realizing they’re working out!  

To date, Jean has taught 300,000 Elementary, Junior High and High School students and more than 10,000 of their teachers how to dance inside a hoop using classic songs from the fifty’s, sixty’s, seventy’s, and the top hits of today.  She uses a revolutionary water weighted “Wave Hoop”, manufactured by Maui Toys.  The water inside the hoop works as a counter balance, so the hoop goes around by itself with little to no effort.  As a result, Jean has been able to teach many of those who could never hoop before.

Jean Hooper was debuted on CNN and Local News Stations before she even taught her first class!  In 2002 she was hired on to teach her program at Crunch Gym in Hollywood, California.  After Crunch Gym, she taught adult classes at local dance studios, “Mom & Me” classes, and adult classes for the Santa Monica Parks and Recreation Community Classes.  Hooper also performed at special events (i.e., the LACMA Museum’s Christmas Party Event, the LAPD National Night Out Celebration and Christmas for Kids Event in Hollywood, The Angeles Girl Scouts Summer Camp, as well as many more.   

In 2004 she was introduced to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Nutrition Network through a school nurse who was one of her adult class students.  By networking to a woman at the American Cancer Society, Jean donated a class that led her to the LAUSD Nutrition Network.  When the Nutrition Network saw her Hoop’n with Hooper program they knew it would be a good fit and the perfect way to motivate the kids to become active.  Their funds allowed for a one-time physical activity demonstration, which resulted in a three-year contract to teach her Hoop’n with Hooper program to the students and adults.  

In her first year, she received so many orders, that she had to quit her “day job” of 7 years to take on this exciting new challenge.  Each year the orders increased, allowing her to teach at least once and in many cases three times, at all 200 schools who participated in this program.  They continued to request her services because the kids AND the teachers loved her so much! 

Besides the fun you’ll have, what sets Jean’s program apart is that she uses a retail hoop, instead of the more expensive $25-$45 hoops.  These hoops are convenient and inexpensive for school use, which makes this kind of activity accessible to kids when they leave the school.  Once you see and participate in Jean’s program you’ll want to run to Wal-Mart, Target, or Toys R Us and get a hoop so you can do it on your own!

Because of this program, Maui Toys has sold over 23,000 Hoops to the Nutrition Network Schools over the course of Jean’s contract.  This hoop, known as the Fruit and Veggie Wave Hoop, was specifically designed for Hoop’n with Hooper’s program and included a film with fruits & vegetables on it, and an “Eat Fruits & Veggies” healthy message to help encourage the kids. 

After the incredible success of her program and the joy she’s experienced with the LAUSD Nutrition Network schools, Hoop’n with Hooper has decided to get up off her own couch, and begin her very first HOOP'n WITH HOOPER "HOOP WITH ME TOUR" beginning THIS SEPTEMBER 2011!   Jean's mission with this tour is to expand her program so that students and HOOPERS everywhere can learn and enjoy this simple and fun activity, which she believes will help “change the way America works out!”.   Jean’s goal is to make exercise FUN and easy so you can add it to your everyday life. 

As the official “Hoop” Spokesperson for Maui Toys – Jean will be encouraging kids to be active with their favorite and latest spring toys, including Maui Toys newest SKY BALL, and of course her personal favorite, the Wave Hoop with new bold patterns! Click here for more details. 

Please check back frequently as Jean is planning some very special events!

NOTE:  If you would like to help Sponsor Hoop'n with Hooper's "HOOP WITH ME TOUR", please contact Jean at 310-313-3312 or or email: