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My name is Jean Hooper, and in 2001, a $6.00 hula hoop changed my life. 

It was during one of our monthly girls weekends when a dear friend of mine introduced me to hooping.  She had bought a $6 water weighted toy hoop, and said "Hey look, for six bucks you can get rock hard abs!"  I immediately ran to Target to purchase one of my own.  My high school reunion was coming up in a few months, and I wanted to get in shape, so I began working out 3x’s a week for 30 to 60 minutes at a time!  I danced and moved with twists and turns, all while hooping!  I listened to my favorite music CD's, keeping the hoop up for one song, then two, and eventually a whole CD without skippin' a beat!  The more I practiced the better I got!

I had bought the most beautiful red dress from a boutique on Main Street in Venice Beach, CA.  It was a body tight, form fitting dress providing no room for flaws and/or a.k.a. BULGES!  My hooping was certainly working, I could tell because I was getting compliments daily from co-workers at my day job, and people in my apartment building.  They would ask me how I was getting in such good shape, and I would say “I hula hoop!”  They said, "you what?"  I said "I hula hoop!" and they would reply that it makes sense!  

When I returned home from my reunion in Marquette, Michigan, I was in awe of my one night of glory.  After being teased for so many years in Junior High School, especially by my 7th grade boyfriend, I will never forget the look on his face when he apologized to me in front of his wife, for all those years of teasing me!  I smiled at him, and giggled, accepting his apology and told him that "yes, after twenty years I think I can forgive you now! (giggle) ... Never had I felt more beautiful, and I feel like I came full circle from all those years of teasing...I am so grateful to all my classmates who truly helped to make me feel so beautiful on that very special night. 

It was shortly after that reunion, and especially after the 9/11 tragedy, that I was compelled to start my own company to teach America how to hoop.  On November 15, 2001, Hoop’n with Hooper was born, and yes, "Hooper" really is my last name.  I just knew that this little toy hoop had given me so much joy and was so much fun that I had to share it with others! I wanted to help put smiles back on America’s faces, and I just knew my six dollar sparkly toy hoop could do just that! The smiles I have seen on the kids and adults I teach is absolutely priceless and are memories I will treasure always.  Hooping creates so much joy, and gives you so much energy, that you can’t help but smile!  It relieves stress, allows you to express yourself, and will bring out the kid in you!  It put me in the best shape of my life, and has transformed my body, mind, soul and spirit into living a not just wonderful life, but a more active, happier and healthier life!  It has allowed me to meet people from all over the world, and I have never felt more joy, or been happier! --  When people ask me why I'm so happy, I say it's all because of a six dollar toy hoop! 
Let me teach you the simple and fun steps that I used to get started, so you can begin to feel better about yourself too.  No matter what age, size, or shape you are, or whether you are male or female, I can teach you how to hoop!  Check out my website for the programs we provide.  If you love to dance, you’ll love to hoop!  And at the very least, we'll make you smile!  My dream is to teach America how to hoop, one hooper at a time, and/or make you smile with my $6 water weighted SILVER SPARKLY toy hoop!:)